Popular Blog Topics for 2020

2020 blog will be a diary, web page and website at the same time. You can use it in completely different spheres, writing there about your goals, achievements, and thoughts or become famous in a certain niche and earn good money on it. Using a blogging platform, you can create not only blogs as in social networks but also modern sites that are much better ranked in search engines. This type of blog can attract more target audience.

However, for this activity to bring good profit, you need to know what topics are relevant for modern readers. When deciding to create a blog, some already know what topics they will describe, and this is wonderful! But how many newcomers torment themselves with doubts, choosing the field of activity, and, in the end, just give up: they don’t start it at all or stop at the very beginning.

What Was Popular in Blogging in 2019?

The topic of relationships between people is always in demand. Whether it’s an ordinary office flirting or an unexpected meeting that changed your life. Authors can add single women profiles to their blogs, and it also increases the popularity of their blogs. 

Also, the topic of money and material values is interesting to everyone without exception, unless you’re a hermit or a Buddhist monk. 

Career, development, self-knowledge and superpower are of great interest in 2019. Part of the theme is related to the previous one. However, there are some nuances. Almost everyone believes in some special destiny and the unique superpower given by nature. It is interesting to read about such things as well. 

How Is the Popularity of the Subject Regulated? 

A blog is an effective tool for online promotion in any field of activity, especially if it is interesting, informative, and unique.

Competitor analysis

The first and most obvious way to find blog post ideas for a site is to analyze competitor resources. The problem is that everyone is engaged in this, and they copy what has already been created by others. But it is not original.

Thematic media

For some reason, almost everyone comes to the idea of ​​exploring the sites of competitors, but few people guess to look in the direction of thematic media. In terms of searching for new blog ideas, this is often a much more interesting source. The editorial teams understand well what is interesting to people and have quite extensive analytics regarding the interests of the audience.

Categories and tags

A well-thought-out navigation scheme on the site not only improves its usefulness and applicability but also provides content analysis. Using theme-based navigation, you can get an idea of which topics are the most popular, and accordingly what important topics should be reviewed or expanded in new blog posts.


Explore the most popular and not very popular questions that your potential customers ask in search engines and give detailed answers to these questions in your texts. At the same time, it is better to avoid banal topics to write a blog. Use a non-standard approach, examples, and illustrations. 

Number of comments

User engagement is an important metric when regulating content quality. And one of the most effective ways to measure engagement in blog content is the number of comments. Determine what percentage of readers comment on your blog posts. But don’t stop there. Look at the distribution of comments by topic. Which blogging ideas affect your readers more than others?

How to Choose a Commercially Successful Topic for the Blog 

The topic may be uninteresting for you, but it has to be popular among other people on the Internet. If the topic is not popular, then it is unlikely that you will profit from such a site.

The relevance of blog topics is of great importance. Here you need to think about whether this topic will be relevant for the next few years. Of course, a topic that is at the initial stage of development, has low competition, and will gain momentum in the future and, accordingly, bring you good profit is the best option. Get a certain positive trend. 

Blog Ideas for 2020 

If you want to start a blog and make it a way to make money, but you can’t choose a topic, here are unique blog ideas for inspiration.

Politics (liberalism ideas) 

Politics is always a popular topic, especially in the year of elections, both local and state. Find an interesting political topic and suggest it for discussion on your blog. But be careful – political topics always cause heated debate among supporters of different parties.


This is one of the high demand blog topics of our time. Write useful articles about pensions, taxes, and discounts. You can add articles and digests about the most important things: how to use credit limits and payment systems wisely, where to keep your money, how to get the most out of your everyday purchases. Review various bank cards and investment tools.


Have you moved to another country, begun to breed horses or decided to lose 30 kilograms? Share your experience on your blog. Such personal blog post ideas are interesting to readers because the events in it occur almost in real time. In this case, an author is a specific person who tells the audience about mistakes and progress made.


The food topic as a whole is very popular. Due to its visibility, video blogs are especially popular. You can discuss certain interesting blogging topics on food: vegetarianism or, vice versa, the “male cuisine” with an abundance of meat recipes, and so on.


This is the most interesting thematic articles about fashion: reviews of the best fashion trends, previews of new collections, masterclasses from designers and stylists, ratings of the best models for any occasion, and much more.


Looking for great blog ideas? Your blog can be dedicated to exotic places, customs of other nations, trips, flights and the choice of tour operator, accompanied by a photo or video material.


A healthy lifestyle has now become a real trend. Sports, proper nutrition, disease prevention – these are currently popular search queries. However, if you are planning to have a blog about health, don’t forget about the main commandment of medicine – “do no harm.”


What sport do you watch every season? In which team do you know the name and the shirt number of each player? Is there a mascot in any sport that you like the most? Share your passion with blog readers. 


In the format of such videos or posts, you can discuss technological innovations, innovative developments, and other matters. These are really creative blogging ideas.


This is a very trendy kind of content, especially if you are unpacking electronics. After all, before buying, people are always interested in seeing how the product looks like, and at the same time, watching the emotions of the blog’s author.

It is not easy to find really interesting ideas for blog posts, especially if you need to plan your content for a few months in advance. But in fact, there are many resources at your disposal than it might seem at first glance. It is necessary to slightly change approaches and start looking in places other than those that most experts are used to using.